Introducing EventLoop

The events-driven network for the tech community

EventLoop is a place for remote-first meetings, conferences, networking, & more

Do you miss in-person meetings & events?

As event organizers & software professionals, we really miss connecting regularly with other professionals.

That’s why we built EventLoop.

It’s a place where you can meet with other software professionals once again -- at events large and small, featuring excellent content & networking opportunities.

Request an invite today to discover amazing events happening around the world, and meet & connect with other software professionals with similar interests.

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So, why EventLoop?

Here are 3 reasons we think you’ll love EventLoop, for each user type we serve:


    Discover amazing content & events

    EventLoop is the best place to discover & attend events both small and large. And since it’s exclusive to the tech industry, you’ll easily find something intersting and relevant to your personal & professional interests.


    Learn & engage

    Get back that feeling of learning something new alongside like-minded colleagues. Engage with other attendees and meet some new people -- whether you want to passively engage in text chat, or chat face to face on video!


    Stay connected with the people you meet

    Never forget where you met someone again! A mutual follow will add them to your light CRM -- so you can see when & where you met!


    Organizer Production Studio

    EventLoop makes it crazy simple to organize your own events featuring live and pre-recorded content. Our years of event experience from small scale meetings to large multi-day conferences shows in the UX and features provided in the production studio.


    Build your brand and your community

    EventLoop isn’t just a place for your events -- it’s also a professional network & discovery engine. Software professionals can easily discover your events and join your community to get notified of your future events!


    Create free or paid events

    With EventLoop, you can run events under a personal account, a community, or a company. You can increase your cadence of free events to build your network, and organize premium events for your paid subscribers, or sell tickets worldwide for premium events. Your events are also future-proofed: We will support in-person & hybrid event listings starting 2022.


    Sponsor community events

    Easily sponsor events organized by communities, personalities, or even other companies. Everything is seamlessly integrated from the sponsor payment checkout to the automated logo placement -- so you can focus more on what matters -- promoting your brand and engaging with the audience!


    Create your own events

    You can even create events under your company brand, featuring talks from your employees, colleagues, clients, and the community!


    Measure & track your ROI

    It’s simple to get and stay connected with your community. Users can join your community, or follow you, and they will see your new event announcements when you publish them. Native integration to Salesforce, Marketo, & other tools on the roadmap.


    Speak at any event

    Create a single speaker profile, and easily speak at any event. Automatically have your photo, bio, and other information imported for that event’s landing page -- and have the event automatically post to your public profile. Send your recorded talk to the organizer, or present the talk live from the EventLoop studio!


    Get automated feedback

    When you deliver a talk at an event, an automated message will be displayed towards the end of your talk that gathers attendee feedback. Review this feedback in your dashboard, and track your progress & rating over time!


    Measure & track your network & reach

    Easily see how many people you reached with your latest talk, how many new followers you gained, and more!

Believe in the power of community

Request an invite today to start attending, organizing, speaking at, or sponsoring tech events from around the world.

Exclusive Beta Access

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